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Gather 'round for smooth hits with GRAV's Small Round Base Water Pipe!

The GRAV® Small Clear Round Base Water Pipe is a high-quality water pipe that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy smooth hits. This water pipe is made from clear borosilicate glass that allows you to see the fission downstem at work as it diffuses smoke through water to give you extra smooth hits. The downstem is fixed in place to prevent damage, keeping your water pipe solid and secure.

The familiar round base shape that you love is improved by a geometric pressed pinch that acts as both a splash guard and an ice catcher. This feature ensures that you can enjoy cool and smooth hits every time you use the water pipe. The GRAV® Small Clear Round Base Water Pipe includes a 14mm GRAV® Cup Bowl, so once you have your water pipe, all you need to add is about 1.5" of water and you're good to go. Trust us, you won't want to wait to try it out.

This water pipe is 8" tall and has a 45° female joint angle. It has a tube diameter of 32x4mm, making it easy to handle and use. The GRAV® Small Clear Round Base Water Pipe is perfect for smoking flower and plant matter. It is a best-seller and a must-have for any smoker who wants to enjoy smooth and cool hits.

Get your GRAV® Small Clear Round Base Water Pipe today and experience the magic of smooth hits. It is available in assorted labels, making it a great addition to your collection.


Fission Downstem



Joint Angle


Joint Size




Tube Diameter


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Aneas P
Only piece you’ll ever need!

Such a great travel piece! I had the same bong for 5 years before having to re-purchase the same one bc it was such a quality product. Always recommend this for the quality and function.

Scott C
Great quality!

This bong rips! It’s super comfortable in your hand. Hits smooth every time.

Daniel S
Round base

Perfect pull every time. Great shape for handling. Overall great piece.

Upin Y
Works Like Most of you Haven't

It is well made. I looked all over the net for a simple but functional bong. I don't need anything fancy with 14 tubes and heads on it like some sic-fi horror film. Just something easy to use and clean. I think the bowl is a little small, but you can always reload until you get to where you wish to be. If you're an aspiring playboy model or think you are I can help you out on that. I am loath to g... Read more

Mike N
This bong is great for personal use

I really like the small size and it just right for me. The bowl could be a bit better more like the octobowl.

If the 14mm, male octobowl was in stock when I bought this bong, I would have bough a couple and saved on shipping.

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