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Say goodbye to resin with RezBlock!

Cleaning water pipes is an annoying and time-consuming chore. Save yourself the hassle by adding a few drops of RezBlock Resin Preventer to the water in your piece before you smoke. RezBlock is an all natural combination of fruit and vegetable extracts. It creates a coating which prevents resin from collecting on glass. Simply add RezBlock to your water pipe or bubbler, and very little resin will stick to the glass anywhere it touches water. You’ll need 7-14 drops per use depending on the size of the piece and whether it has a perc where you can also add a couple drops. RezBlock will change the color of your water but it won’t affect the taste or the high when you smoke. When using RezBlock you should change your water at least every three days. When you do, you’ll be impressed by how most of the resin goes down the drain rather than staying in your water pipe. This 15ml Dropper is good for up to 60 uses.


Water Pipes/Bubblers


Fruit and Vegetable Extracts

Number of Uses

Up to 60

Product Type




Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great product that works!

This bottle size seems to be a higher concentration than the XL bottle. Highly recommended. Does exactly what it says.

Jen B


Eric P
Does the job.

Works like it says but does tint the water.

Kendra S
I have avoided glass...

I have avoided glass pieces for many years due to the appearance of built-up resin. It seemed like no matter how often I cleaned them, they'd look dirty again after one or two uses because of daily use. This water additive has prolonged the cleanliness of my glass piece WAY beyond what I was expecting. Instead of resin sticking to the glass, it simply falls into the water and rinses out. For a sma... Read more

Savannah S
The best

After reading all of the instructions, I used the recommended number of drops per the amount of water I was using. This worked absolutely perfectly and saved so much time cleaning. Not a single spot of resin was stuck to the glass—this is a major win.

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