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GRAV Helix™ 14mm Pre-mix Chamber

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$ 25.99
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  • 14mm & 19x3mm tubing
  • Compatible w/ most water pipes
  • Venturi chamber w/ 3 air intake holes
  • Cools & spins smoke
  • Exciting smoking experience
  • Various colors available
Decal Color: Etch

Spice up your smoking experience with the GRAV Helix™!

Introducing the GRAV Helix™ 14mm Pre-mix Chamber! This ingenious product is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little excitement to their smoking experience. The Helix™ Pre-Mix Chamber is 3" long and made on 19mm tubing, which means that it's compatible with most water pipes and accessories on the market. Its Venturi chamber features three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke before it enters the pipe, creating a thrilling experience. Whether you're looking to take your smoking game to the next level or just want to add a little excitement to your routine, the GRAV Helix™ 14mm Pre-mix Chamber is the perfect addition to your kit. So don't wait any longer, add this must-have product to your cart now!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
brandon f.

love the swirling effect and customer service was awesome, i ordered something else and dont know how long i waited til i contacted them about it. then was told it was out of stock, i had the option of choosing the item in a different color or choose something else that within the price range of the other item i tried to purchase. in the end im satisfied with the chamber. if more products were in stock i would be a happy customer

isac r.

decently works

Great addition!

First one came with a crack unfortunately. Luckily I saw it before using and contacted costumer service ASAP and they were able to get me a replacement piece with no hassle at all. Really amazing to be reassured you're actually going to get your piece un-damaged even if it does accidentally occur at some point. (Package protection is helpful if the box comes damaged as well).
To the piece itself though! I do mostly blame the crack on the piece itself.. While it functions perfectly.... it's just plain and simply thin.. not like the other helix hand pipe although without the crack there are no imperfections in the glass at all.. the only other down fall is the height on this thing is if you attach it to an ash catcher or a carbon filter it's tall as all hell.. no drop down will help you.. so it works perfectly but the design is a bit off... needs to be thicker with a custom drop down attached to it to be better for some bongs maybe. This design is still however useful. Can be attached to the helix hand pipe to make it even larger. You have to take big hits because the extra air but it's mixed so well It just makes it even smoother. Pretty cool for that. My next experiment will be with the J-handle from grav to attach to my pheonix grav ash catcher... throw some ice in there for cooling near the long stem.. maybe a Z shape connection to a pulsar shower head recycler (which is amazing and I recommend it).. with different connections like these it really opens up a lot possibilities and I love it! Love that they made this and that I have it now. Just have to be careful. No twisting it to get it unstuck or anything like that.. maybe even put something on the connection to make sure it doesn't happen.. probably some beeswax chapstick or somethin?.. I keep it handy because it seems to make raw hemp wick burn slightly slower to add a little to it... It's what I did anyways and it hasn't gotten stuck. Probably will depend on your bowl weight or attachments on i

Jacob S.
Great helix

Overall I love the product. It make's my beaker a smoother hit for sure. I love the convience factor of it without having to fill something up with water to cool your smoke. Wish I could of gotten a bigger size for a good price.

Elon M.
Better than Percs

A few years ago I was at my local shop buying my first ever tube, and I was able to haggle with the clerk to give me one of these for free with my purchase. I'm glad I did because I like this adapter as much as I do the tube now, and it fits with everything in my collection! All you do is put this between your bowl and the joint, and it spins the smoke for you and cools it down. I feel like this does more for the smoke than the percs on my tube even do! Thanks Grav!!!

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