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Experience the Unique Helix Swirl with the GRAV Helix Chillum Taster Pipe

Introducing the Helix Chillum Taster Pipe! This pocket-sized pipe is perfect for those who want a strong and unique smoking experience. With its swirl effect and rollstopper, this pipe is sure to keep you satisfied. Whether you're on the go or just hanging out at home, the Helix Chillum Taster Pipe is a great choice.

  • Unique Helix Swirl Effect
  • Discreet & Portable
  • Approx 3.25 Inches


Approx 3.25 Inches


Discreet & Portable

Pocket Sized

Unique Helix Swirl Effect

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Tristan F

I just bought this and the spherical pocket bubbler let me tell you these things may be tiny but they pack a huge punch and definitely compare to full size pieces with ease one bowl down from each and im as right as i need to be. Excellent products 10/10 recommend

Lawrence L
Small but packs a PUNCH !...

Fixing to place my order 3rd Helix chillum im about to purchase the other 2 well after use after use it cracked while cleaning after a session. Probably my fault not letting it cool down properly. But what i love about it is that it prolongs your herb stash. If you have good herb a bowl or 2 is all you need beats having to roll up one . Add a little screen that fits no worries of getting anything ... Read more

Cindy H
Best tool …

Best tool … have purchased / own many different types, but once tried this, have no desire to use any other…

Daniel B
Excited to have another....

Excited to have another. One of the best Chillums out there

Jason W
Small hands

Way smaller than I thought it would be. Perfect if you have small hands.

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