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Smoke smarter with the GRAV Glass Blunt!

Introducing the Glass Blunt by Grav Labs! This innovative new product is perfect when you don't have time to roll or just feeling lazy. It features a long 4'' inch chamber, perfect for a big hit. The tight rubber gasket lets you slide it back and forth to push the ash out as you smoke. The new connection will never lose its fit and makes the blunt much easier to take apart and clean. A single glass pinch in the mouthpiece stem prevents herb from entering the mouthpiece.

The GRAV Glass Blunt W/ Silicone Grommet is a must-have for any smoker. The high quality heavy-wall tubing glass allows you to keep using it as many times as you like, or toss it out for a discreet and disposable smoke session! This hand pipe is made of 12mm thick glass tubing, making it durable and discreet. The glass pinch in the mouthpiece stem also makes it easy to use and prevents herb from entering the mouthpiece.

The GRAV Glass Blunt W/ Silicone Grommet is available in a variety of colors including Black, Clear, Scarlet Orange, Teal, Dark Teal, Mustard Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Avocado Green. This pocket-sized hand pipe fits in your backpack or bag, making it perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions.

Get your hands on the GRAV Glass Blunt W/ Silicone Grommet today and experience the convenience of a glass blunt with the quality you expect from Grav Labs. Don't forget to check out our Best Sellers section for more top-quality smoking accessories!








Hand Pipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 336 reviews
Shemar C
Very Unique

I got hip to this brand via Florbiz (who are great too) but man this is a cool product! I sampled my flower and got a few solid hits. I like how the back end maintains smoke and holds it for a long draw. And it looks cool.

Cindy W

Free at last! Just pure taste from your flower!

James T
Broke it before I used it

My experience with Grav ordering was great. As a budtender I try to experience all latest devises and was excited to try Grav’s latest glass blunt. Even though totally straight, I immediately rolled it off the table and broke it. ☹️ Oh well. more careful next time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

James C
Good, but needs a cap

I really like this piece, but it would be better if it had an end cap like the tasters do. The cap could be attached to the grommet the same way they are attached to the mouthpiece on the taster. This would make it more portable when filled, and I would give it 5 stars.

Great product

I love this glass blunt. It works better than bowls and pre-rolls!

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