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GRAV Fill-your-own Glass Joints 7-pack

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Looking for a simple and clean way to enjoy your cannabis? Look no further than the GRAV Fill-your-own Glass Joints 7-pack! These glass joints are designed to last, but their low price point makes them easy to replace when accidents happen. Fill a single joint for an afternoon hike, or prep all 7 for a weekend getaway. These joints are designed for travel, so you can enjoy your favorite strain wherever you may roam. The simplicity of the classic joint meets the clean burn of glass in this three-piece system. A silicone grommet connects the borosilicate cartridge to the mouthpiece for a tight seal that keeps flower secure. Taste pure cannabis

Customer Reviews

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josef s
My new daily driver

I bought these during the black Friday sale, and since then they have become a daily user for me.

Some of the pros are that they are easy to clean, and easy to use. They look amazing and I get a ton of compliments and questions on them. They produce this amazing clean flavor that none of my other pieces can compare to. I love the fact that I can load up multiple tubes and be good to go for a few days. The caps on the tubes keep a real nice air tight seal and keep the product fresh.

The cons are that, while they clean easy I find I only get one two uses out of each tube before they require a cleaning. The plastic end caps on the tubes do not appear to be a isopropyl friendly plastic and can be a pain to get clean with out it.

The one other thing I would suggest is to order extra sets as people love them.

Kevin H
A really great solution for the cost.

I gotta admit that I love this set. Cheap, extremely portable, easy to use, hits really well. There isn't a lot of negatives, but there are a few things worth noting. Firstly, the entire system is dependent on those little plastic caps. If you lose one, you may as well toss a tube with it and save the extra for next time. I would like to see a pack of 10 caps thrown in or as a cheap add-on. On that note, a few more replacement options would be nice as well. (maybe a 5 or 10 pack of glass empties instead of 50? I'm just an old hermit..). Only other complaint is the plastic holder on the inside is kinda flimsy and cheap. (That PRICE POINT though...). Overall, I like 7-Pack so much, I would gladly fork over another wad of cash for an "upgraded" container /delivery system. Well done GRAV.

Chip G
This Is My New Favorite Smoking Accessory

Not since I got my first dugout 30 something years ago have I been so impressed with any new type of smokeware. Perfectly distributes 1/8 oz between 7 glass joints. Smokes like a supercharged 1-hitter, but doesn't smolder/waste flower when not in use for extended periods (like while zoning out after hit #2). I don't think i would like it nearly as much if I had not gotten the filling system, so recommend spending the extra 10 bucks on that. Also, I'm about to buy another 7 pack for extra glass joints, as I've already broken one dropping it on tile, so it would be super cool if it came with a spare. You gotta have 7 for the filler to work. My only other request with would be for the little plugs to be silicone instead of plastic, which can be hard to grip and pull out. That is all nitpicking though. Overall, I'm still all in with 5 stars and no regrets!!! I LOVE THIS KIT!!!

Kelly L
Love this.

I was not too sure what to think when I purchased this little item I wasn’t sure because there were no other reviews. Personally I like it and I can see how this would be really cool if you had a some friends over. I filled my tubes sat back and I just chilled and took my time and smoked it and I enjoyed every puff. Smooth smooth 👍👍

Bryan M
Broke between my fingers

Have had just under 3 weeks. If you’d asked me anytime up until about 5 minutes ago I would have said 5 stars. Easy to fill, easy to carry, easy to smoke and easy to clean. Instant go-to. But tonight while enjoying my nighttime sesh the refillable portion snapped between my fingers. Still think it’s a great product, and will continue to use remaining 6 cartridges. Just wish the glass was a bit stronger.

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