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Keep your pipe clean with GRAV's 19mm Phoenix 90° Ash Catcher!

This ash catcher is perfect for those who want to keep their pipes clean and free of ash. The Phoenix Ash Catcher is made on 38mm tubing, so it is sure to fit most pipes. The ice can be added through its removable glass lid, and the 90° angled arm is designed for use with a 19mm female joint on any straight-based water pipe. This ash catcher works best with approximately 1.5” of water.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anthony N.
1st broke, but great customer service

This was my first time using this site and my first piece came with a hairline crack. which I found odd because the glass does seem to be of high quality. Nonetheless I told Dank Geek of the issues and they sent one out (granted I had to wait another 3 days). All in all pleased and the 2nd piece works great.

Luis G.

This is too dangerous haha I can take rips all day with this puppy. The carb cap really helps get a fresh air inhale and it keeps the taste super clean. Highly recommend this piece

Luke T.
Best Ashcatcher out there

My friend sold me my first phoenix ashcatcher by gravlabs, I fell in love!! the functionality of this ashcatcher is like no other!! I have $500 sovereignty kingstem that i rarely ever clean thanks to this wonderful ashcatcher. The removable top allows better function of the percolators and even more airflow for clearing your bong!! I recently had my ashcatcher stolen from me so someone else must've agreed this is the best ashcatcher too. bought this one to replace my last one and the shipping was so fast it was unbelievable two days and it's here !!

James G.
So helpful

This is the only piece I've found made to hold ice ,filling and cleaning is easy and if you break the stopper like I did they sell replacements so you don't have to buy a complete unit again. I suffer from extreme nausea and this helps so very much in helping me medicate.There is also a J pipe stem so you can make it a bubbler.

Clifford M.

It does exactly what I need. It keeps my larger rig clean, as well as pre-chills the vapor. I highly recommend Phoenix!

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