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Upgrade your water pipe set-up with GRAV's 19mm Male to Male Angled Joint Adapter!

This GRAV 19mm Male To 19mm Male Angled Joint Adapter is the perfect addition to your water pipe set-up! It changes the gender of a joint, making your pipes compatible with different accessories. This adapter changes a 19mm female joint into a 19mm male joint, making it easy to add a diffuser or other accessories. It's also angled, converting a 45° joint into a 90° joint. So grab one today and make your water pipe set-up even better!


45° to 90°



Joint Type

19mm Male



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Caleb C
Glass is good but angle is not

It's a nice piece of glass, sturdy and would probably work for certain pieces, but what I received appears to be longer than what is in the pictures. Instead of a short piece of glass with a 45 degree bend, it bends nearly 90 degrees and is longer than I expected. If you were to put it in a vertical female downstem, it will point horizontally back at the pipe or out forward, making it impossible to use a bowl or other pre-cooler. Sadly, that doesn't work for me, but I suppose I'll hang onto it in case I find a use for it on another piece someday.

Jonathan Lopez

Nice solid piece and packaged well.

Doesn't quite suit me, but still a good product.

Good product, made of sturdy glass, and came quick (albeit a bit cold, because the mailman left it outside in the snow and ice). The problem is the angle. I found that it makes the bowl a little too close for comfort when being lit. I'll hang onto it, maybe it'll fit another piece.

Jeremy Reviere
Good glass

Unique piece of class

Rachel Hentz
Excellent adapter

Great replacement or better adapter for any Extreme Q

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