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Glasshouse "Opaque Crusher" Quartz Banger Kit

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🔥Glasshouse "Opaque Crusher" Quartz Banger Kit🔥

  • 100% Quartz Glass
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 6mm Quartz Beds & Drop Cup
  • Flush-fit Carb Cap
  • Etched GlassHouse Logo
  • High Air Flow Design
  • Improves Flavor & Retains Heat
  • Durable & Beveled Top

Experience the Opaque Crusher by GlassHouse: The Ultimate Quartz Banger Kit!

The "Opaque Crusher" by GlassHouse. Safely packed in the box is a 2.5mm flat-top banger, bubble carb cap, two 6mm quartz beads, and quartz cup. 

The beads clean up extra residue while smoking. The drop cup is the best accessory for low temp dabs. The value in this set is the variety of benefits from each accessory.

  • 2.5mm quartz banger
  • 14mm sanded male joint
  • 6mm quartz beds
  • Flush-fit carb cap
  • Quartz drop cup
  • Etched with the GlassHouse logo



Male Joint







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