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Four Pillars Recycler Rig

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Get the Most Out of Your Concentrates with the Four Pillars Recycler Rig 🤤

  • Get the Most Out of Your Concentrates 🤤
  • 9.5" Tall Glass Oil Rig
  • Disc Perc & Recycler Design
  • Airflow Diffusing Pillars
  • Includes 14.5mm Male Quartz Banger
  • Colors Vary 🎨

Experience smooth, flavorful hits with the Four Pillars Recycler Rig!

Introducing the Four Pillars Recycler Rig, the perfect companion for those who love to consume concentrates but don't want to sacrifice taste or comfort. This glass rig stands at 9.5 inches tall and features color accents throughout for a touch of class. The rig is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and includes a quality 14.5mm male quartz banger.

The Four Pillars Recycler Rig is aptly named because it features a Recycler design, a disc perc for breaking up and filtering the smoke, and four airflow-diffusing pillars that help cool it. All the hits you take from the rig's angled mouthpiece will be silky smooth and easy on your throat and lungs. 🤤

Enjoy the perfect combination of quality and convenience with the Four Pillars Recycler Rig. Perfect for those who want to get the most out of their concentrates without the harshness. Get yours today!


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