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Fantasia Herbal Shisha - 50g | 10pk Display

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🔥 Enjoy Fantasia Herbal Shisha 🔥

  • 10-pack Display Box of Premium Herbal Shisha
  • 50g per Package, Extra Juice in Each Pack
  • Made in the USA, Multiple Flavor Options
  • Citrus Curacao, Double Apple, Blueberry, Mojito, Dragon's Breath
  • 4 Play, Ice, Magic Dragon, Menage, Mary Jane
  • Red Melon, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Purple Haze, Pink Lemonade
  • Rainbow Burst, Surfer 🤩
Flavor: Adios

Experience the Best Herbal Shisha with Fantasia!

Introducing Fantasia Herbal Shisha! This premium herbal shisha is made in the USA with molasses, glycerin, honey and flavoring. And the best part? It's tobacco and nicotine free! Fantasia has generously added extra juice with each pack to enhance your smoking experience. With 10 flavors to choose from, you'll never get bored. From citrus curacao to pineapple coconut, you'll be sure to find a flavor that you love. So take a puff and get ready to experience the best herbal shisha around! 🤩

Each 50g package comes in a 10-pack display box, so you can try out all the flavors. Check out the descriptions below for each flavor:

  • Adios - Citrus Curacao Fruit - The world-famous college black-out... don't remember anything... no idea what happened - but had the time of our life drink!
  • Double Apple - Golden Double Apple - The original flavor of hookah that beats the heart of the Middle East.
  • Blueberry - Blueberry Mix - A yummy berriful delight.
  • Mojito - Lime-Mint - Ay Mami! The Cuban Mojito is a traditional mix of white rum and lime ground with strong mint leaves.
  • Dragon's Breath - Dragon Fruit - From rural Asia, the mysterious Dragon Fruit is believed to be taboo.
  • 4 Play - Melon Mix - It's not butterfly kisses and spooning my friend... it's 4 Play.
  • Ice - Cool Mint - Don't be surprised if you feel icicles forming in your chest as you smoke me.
  • Magic Dragon - Berry Mint Mix - Puff puff pass the Magic Dragon.
  • Menage - Melon Citrus Twist - Everyone's dreamed about it at least once...most will never get the chance.
  • Mary Jane - Guava Infusion - Your righ hand girl, never leaves your side, always down to ride.
  • Red Melon - Sweet Watermelon - Remember the block parties, BBQ's, and 4th of July celebrations?
  • Peach Fuzzy Navel - Sexy Peach - A summer fruit sensation with a mixture of fresh ripe peaches and orange juice.
  • Purple Haze - Royal Grape - Puff puff pass this mind warping blend of sweet grapes.
  • Pink Lemonade - Pink Lemonade Cocktail - A tribute to the fond memories of family cookouts.
  • Rainbow Burst - Fruity Citrus Mix - Memories of Saturday mornings watching your favorite cartoons with a big bowl of Rainbow colored fruity cereal.
  • Surfer - Pineapple Coconut - Get shacked in a pineapple juice and coconut rum flavored experience.

So if you're looking for a premium herbal shisha that's tobacco and nicotine free, with extra juice in each pack, and a wide variety of flavors to choose from, then you've come to the right place. Get your 10-pack display box of Fantasia Herbal Shisha today and get ready to experience the best herbal shisha around! 🤩

10 - 24 Pcs



10 to choose from

Health Benefits

Relaxing and stress-reducing


10-pack display box


50g per pack

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