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Dual Chamber Triple Perc Water Pipe

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Get Ready for the Ultimate Smoking Experience! 🔥

  • Get Ready for Ultimate Smoking Exp. 🔥
  • 18" Tall, 19mm Female Water Pipe
  • Dual Chamber Percolation
  • 3 Pinch Ice Catcher
  • 19mm Male Herb Slide w/ Screen
  • Colors Vary

Experience the ultimate smoking sensation with the Dual Chamber Triple Perc Water Pipe!

Are you looking for the ultimate smoking experience? Look no further than the Dual Chamber Diffuser Perc Water Pipe! This 18 inch tall monster is packed with features that will make your smoking sessions unforgettable.

This percolation beast features a slitted inline percolator in the bottom chamber, a honeycomb perc, and a conical showerhead perc up above. This powerful combination of percolators will give you smooth and clean hits each and every time you hit the pipe.

The Dual Chamber Diffuser Perc Water Pipe also includes a 3-pinch ice catcher, so you can cool down your smoke for even more satisfaction. The water pipe is outfitted with a 18.8mm female joint, a fixed reinforced downstem, and comes with a 18.8mm male herb slide complete with a built-in screen.

This bong is a true heavy-hitter and a beauty to behold. It ships in varying accent colors, depending on stock availability. So don't wait any longer and get your hands on one of these amazing smoking devices today! 🔥


Female Joint



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