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Smooth and Stylish: Diamond Glass 9mm Beaker Bong

This Diamond Glass 9mm Thick Beaker Bong measures 11 inches tall and comes in black, blue, topaz, and jade. The mouthpiece, downstem and bowl attachment have matching color accents.  The bowl is deep and flared for an ergonomic fit. The colored 4.5" downstem features a gold decal. A piece like this could round out your collection become a daily go-to.

  • Beaker Bong
  • Scientific Glass
  • Removable Downstem
  • Height: 11"
  • 9mm Thickness
  • Gold/Color Decal
  • Choice of Color
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • 4.5" Downstem


Extra Thick Glass



Joint Size



Scientific Glass

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Broke my bong when washing it during the Covid-19 shelter in place oh No! :)

I just bought one of these today and wanted to say its really nice guys! Heavy duty, takes ton's of water, very elegant with the Logo and black trimming, has a ice catcher, beautiful stem, fat bowl, yup this one is a keeper for myself until I graduate from this hopefully. Anyways, I spent $100 out the door at a local smoke shop so think I did good seeing that it is sold out here. I went into the store for a simple bong that would have cost me around let's say $30 to do the job, but after the store clerk showed me a rig, various bongs, and when he was like, "hold on for one sec I know". When I held it I knew it was like the slipper on you know who's foot so now time to pack my second bowl and head down the yellow brick road. Also this thing smokes Soooooo good thanks for the quality build.

Very Nice Thick Beautiful Glass

Very nice glass, can really feel the weight behind it too, if you have cats that love to knock nice pieces over for their own pleasure, this is a solid peice no doubt. Also very beautiful details such as the golden etched Logo on the downstem and blue accents , very happy!

Lone H.
It is my Rolls Royce

Masterly crafted, a true heavyweight and now my everyday driver. What a surprise when I opened the box to see the most beautiful bong in my collection. Everyone, who see my new bong has commented on its beauty.

Will S.
Awesome bong!

Really heavy and perfect for daily use! Also fast shipping to the east coast of Canada!

David R.

Very well made. Looks great. Nice accents. Heavy duty. :)

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