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Experience the Ultimate in Portable Vaping with the DaVinci iQ2

For vape connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer. DaVinci’s most advanced dry herb vaporizer, The IQ2, provides a cooler vapor, ultimate flavor profile, and precision temperature control at your fingertips. The IQ2 vaporizer empowers you to customize your airflow, plus track and report your vape dose per draw and per session. The extensive battery life also allows you to enjoy your IQ2 on the go.

Includes: IQ2 dual-use dry herb vaporizer, 10mm Bubbler Adapter, 0.2g Dosage Pod, 9 Pieces Organic Cottons, 1 Ceramic Extract Tab, USB Charging Cable, Pick Tool, 9 Alcohol Wipes





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joe R.
Too Hot to Use

Using the preset heating settings (4 in total) and only going as high as the second setting, the thing gets too hot to use. Like burn your hand hot if you continue to hold it. This gives me concern about the battery on the inside if it’s this hot on the outside of the vape. Kinda disappointed as to how this thing was designed since it’s so expensive. It’s pleasing on the eyes and sleek, but functionality is pretty bad if I can’t use it for more than a few minutes without thinking this thing is going to explode.

This thing changes everything you know about smoking!

This thing really comes in handy when traveling or even just smoking inside. It leaves a faint odor that fades quickly. It is my preferred method of smoking and is worth every penny. Better than any paper or glass piece I have ever used.

Victor B.
DaVinci IQ

This is my first ever vape and it's amazing. Very use to use and all in a small form factor. A quick session on the IQ will get you quickly baked, all by pressing a couple of buttons. Definitely makes me forget about glass pieces.

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