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Peeking over a pair of worked glass leaves, this friendly long necked animal is here to not only join your smoking session but make it even better. The Giraffe Neck Bong features a beautiful worked glass animal head which also doubles as the mouthpiece. The hole is located at the top of the giraffe's neck towards the worked glass ears. This is not the only area where you will see these artistic details. The eyes, mouth, and nostrils are all there too. There is even the "horn" located between the eyes, which is really called an "ossicone". Just like a real giraffe, dark spots can be found all along the head and neck. The two worked glass leaves mentioned in the beginning of this description fall on either side of an exquisite glass milli. The design and coloring of this accent is truly breathtaking. The color of the base matches the 14mm female joint and the included 14mm male bowl. The actual joint on the bowl is made with polished glass. The bowl has two raised glass bumps to help with grip. Although it is hard to see, inside the base of the Giraffe Neck Bong is a fixed downstem. Fill the base with some water until the end of the downstem is submerged and taste the difference in your smoke. The smoke filters through the water for a more smooth inhale. The Giraffe Neck Bong is the perfect gift for that smoking animal lover or any fan of giraffes.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Low key disappointed :/

I thought I'd get the piece in the photo, or at least something extremely similar, but that wasn't the case :/ I mean it's still (mostly) cute & all, but the ears & eyes are wicked different & the color of the piece is MUCH darker, the spots are definitely red. I'm honestly mostly disappointed with the face. It's just not even at all like the one in the photo. I understand that every piece is unique no matter how much you try to match them up, but it seems almost like the picture listed was created by a pro with great care & then handed to their apprentice like, “Copy this, okay?” Idk. Like I said, it's still pretty cute. I'm gonna keep it. Just wish they had shown photos of other pieces so I knew it had the potential of being a mixed bag.

Pandora S.
Looks exactly like the picture

Not only does it look like the picture its pretty thick for its price. My only major complaint is a part of the gladden is dented like it was pressed into something while cooling resulting in the one spot to be thin which is kinda annoying

Danielle H.
Absolutely love it!

My favorite piece of glass in my collection. Makes me happy just looking at it. She tokes like a boss.

Michele G.
Giraffe neck bong

Very satisfied,it's actually way better than what's pictured here. Would definitely purchase again and recommend to anyone. Thanks Dank Geek.

broke from nothing!

the first one never came in then I ordered a second one and it broke from nothing! literally all fell apart from grabbing it by the head

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