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Cupcake Water Pipe with Bowl

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🎂 Enjoy Smooth Hits with the Cupcake Water Pipe! 🎂

  • Enjoy smooth hits with the Cupcake Water Pipe
  • 7" tall, borosilicate glass
  • Cute cupcake design, colors vary
  • 14mm female joint, 14mm male herb slide
  • Disc percolator, bent neck
  • Thick wide base, fits in backpack/bag

Treat yourself to a sweet smoke sesh with the Cupcake Water Pipe!

This cupcake-themed water pipe is the perfect addition to any female stoner's collection. Standing 7 inches tall, this bong is constructed from durable borosilicate glass and has a simple disc percolator to filter and smooth your hits. It's small enough to use with one hand and has a bent neck to keep your face away from the heat. It also comes with a matching 14.5mm male herb slide with a decorative handle.

The Cupcake Water Pipe with Bowl is supported by a thick wide base to prevent it from tipping over when you set it down between hits and when loading the bowl. You'll love its cute cupcake design and it ships in varying colors. 🎂

Borosilicate Glass


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