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Coronavirus Perc Glass Bong

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-Beat The Rona w/ This Perc Glass Bong! 💪

  • -7.5in tall & 14mm female joint
  • -Fixed downstem & decorative "virus" perc
  • -Includes 14mm male herb slide & handle
  • -Borosilicate glass & colors vary
  • -Thick wide base & flared mouthpiece
  • -Smooth rips of your favorite dry herb! 🔥

Celebrate Overcoming The Rona with The Coronavirus Perc Glass Water Pipe!

This Coronavirus Perc Glass Water Pipe is a great way to celebrate the times you overcame the Covid 19 virus. This 7.5 inch tall glass water pipe is made of thick, high-quality borosilicate glass and is decorated with matching color accents. It has a decorative "virus" percolator that diffuses and filters the smoke before you take your hit from the bent mouthpiece. The fat can base, joint, bowl handle, and flared mouthpiece are all designed to provide you with amazingly smooth rips of your favorite dry herb.

This durable pipe has a 14.5 mm female joint, a fixed downstem, and comes with a handled 14.5 mm male herb slide. Whether you take this pipe out to share a smoke with friends or use it at home, you'll enjoy the colorful design and top-notch functionality that never lets you down. This pipe will always remind you that The Rona didn't get the best of you! 💪


Female Joint

Borosilicate Glass


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