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Colorful Bottom Banger with Airflow Slits

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Upgrade Your Dab Rig with Style & Functionality! 🤩

  • 90° Quartz Banger with Airflow Slits
  • 4mm Thick Colored Bottom
  • 100% Quartz & Multiple Size Options
  • Long Lasting & Heat Retention
  • Enjoy Better Vaporization & No Waste! 💨
Title: 18.8mm Male

Upgrade your dab rig with style and functionality!

This Colorful Bottom Banger with Airflow Slits is the perfect addition to any dab rig. Crafted from 100% quartz, it's designed to last and provide you with the best possible flavor. With its colorful bottom and airflow slits, it's sure to add a touch of style to your setup.

The banger has an outer diameter of 25mm, an inner diameter of 21mm, and a 35mm bucket height. The colored bottom is 4mm thick, so it can hold heat for longer and you can enjoy longer sessions without needing to reheat. The airflow slits increase airflow for better vaporization of your materials, so you can enjoy all your concentrates without leaving any wasted material behind.

This banger is available in 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm male sizes, so you can pick the size that fits your setup. The color you get depends on what's available at the time you order, so you can have a unique and vibrant look.

This banger is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their dab rig with style and functionality. With its long-lasting quartz construction, airflow slits, and colorful bottom, it's sure to provide you with the best possible dabbing experience. 🤩

100% Pure Quartz



Inner Diameter


Outer Diameter

90 Degree

Joint Angle



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