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Explore the Untamed North with Canada Puffin's Banff Dugout and One Hitter

Untamed freedom and naturality versus human creativity & Ingenuity. A difficult balance to find, but when looking to the great white north of Canada you see that this is not an impossible blend. The same inventiveness and courage it takes to create this balance of dualities can be found in the products hand crafted by Canada Puffin. Taking natural elements of their homeland and combining them with classic smoking designs, Canada Puffin breathes new life into the old, like fresh air blowing across an untouched frozen landscape.

Practical and Durable. The Banff Dugout and One Hitter is constructed for those who don't want to compromise quality with portability. Handblown by expert glass makers using high grade, heat resistant, borosilicate glass and packaged in a portable Canadian Maple wood case, the Banff Dugout and One Hitter fits perfectly in your bag or pocket. The Dugout includes a swivel top closure, spring loaded One Hitter pipe, stainless steel poker cleaning tool and a large storage compartment for your on-the-go routine. 

 Canada Puffin pieces are hand crafted from natural wood and because of this each one created will vary in size, weight, and design from from the last.  Using these natural materials and classic creation methods means that your Canada Puffin piece will be one-of-a-kind with no equal.

Product Size: 4" x 1.9" x0.8"


4" x 1.9"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John r.
Ordered product for years...but

...if you require email support. 4 polite email attempts over will not get it.

One hit a quitter

I love it however I was unfortunate someone picked it up I set it down and someone stole it from me I would love to have another one

Verified Buyer ...

I really loved this! Very nicely made great quality & very portable .. 👍🏻😎 Satisfied customer.

William D.
Perfect device!

pretty damn smell proof and great feel. Only con is a stronggg spring XD careful opening

Robert K.
Good quality

The item itself is nicely crafted and I love the glass onie, but the packaging needs to be more discreet the contents are on a label on the front of the package.

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