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Bubble Base Acrylic Water Pipe

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Get the Bubble Base Acrylic Water Pipe 💦

  • Durable & virtually unbreakable
  • Includes built-in aluminum downstem & herb slide
  • Removable stand & cap for easy cleaning
  • Available in an assortment of colors 🎨
  • Perfect for any occasion - parties, travel, etc.
  • Lightweight & threaded metal bowl
  • Get yours today and have fun for years to come! 🤩

Unbreakable Fun: Get Your Bubble Acrylic Water Pipe Today!

Are you looking for a water pipe that's durable, virtually unbreakable, and perfect for any occasion? Look no further than this 18-inch Bubble Acrylic Water Pipe! This straight neck acrylic water pipe comes with a built-in aluminum downstem and herb slide, so you can get everyone at the party blasted!

This piece also comes with a cap and removable stand for easy cleaning, so you can keep it looking as good as new. Plus, it's available in an assortment of colors, so you can pick the one that best reflects your style. With proper upkeep, this water pipe will last you forever! 💪


  • 18 inches tall
  • Acrylic water pipe
  • Straight neck w/ bubble base
  • Includes built in aluminum downstem and herb slide
  • Multiple colors available

Don't miss out on this incredible water pipe that is perfect for any occasion. Get your Bubble Acrylic Water Pipe today and have fun using it for years to come! 🤩





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