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#7 in Humidity Control

Boveda 2 Way Humidity Packs - 125 Piece Box

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Keep Your Cannabis Fresh with Boveda Packs! 🌱

  • Keep Your Cannabis Fresh! 🌱
  • 125 units of Boveda Packs
  • 4 gram size
  • 62% relative humidity
  • 2-way humidity control
  • Protects trichomes & terpenes
  • Prevents evaporation of terpenes
  • Protects up to 1/2 ounce
  • Individually packaged

Keep your cannabis flower perfect with Boveda 2 Way Humidity Packs

Introducing the Boveda 2 Way Humidity Packs - the perfect way to store your cannabis flower and maintain the perfect humidity level! This 125-piece box contains 4 gram packs that are individually packaged and easy to use.

The packs are legendary among cannabis growers and provide two-way humidity control to protect your trichomes and prevent evaporation of terpenes. It's designed to maintain 62% relative humidity and can protect up to half an ounce of cannabis flower.

The Boveda 2 Way Humidity Packs are simple to use - just place them in the container with your cannabis flower and it will automatically add or remove moisture to maintain the ideal conditions for your precious flower.

Say goodbye to worrying about humidity levels and enjoy the convenience of the Boveda 2 Way Humidity Packs. Get your 125-piece box today and keep your cannabis flower in the best condition possible! 🌱

125 Piece


4 Grams



Relative Humidity

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