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Bend the Rules with the Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece

Upgrade your Arizer Solo vaporizer experience with the Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece - Bent. This certified Arizer accessory is designed to enhance your vaping experience and take it to the next level.

The Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece - Bent is made of high-quality glass material, ensuring that your vapor is pure and flavorful. The bent style of the mouthpiece provides a more comfortable vaping experience and extends the vapor path, allowing for smoother hits.

The mouthpiece is equipped with a built-in glass screen, which prevents any unwanted debris from entering your vaporizer. This feature also makes cleaning your vaporizer a breeze. Simply remove the mouthpiece and clean it with isopropyl alcohol to keep it in top condition.

Designed for use with the Arizer Solo vaporizer, this accessory is easy to install and use, and it will not void your vaporizer's warranty. It is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to take their Arizer Solo vaporizer to the next level.

With the Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece - Bent, you'll enjoy a smoother, more flavorful vaping experience. The bent style and high-quality glass material make it a comfortable and reliable accessory for your Arizer Solo vaporizer.

Upgrade your Arizer Solo vaporizer today with the Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece - Bent and enjoy a smoother, more flavorful vaping experience. 🌬️💨



Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Arizer Solo Replacement Glass

These tubes are great! They have the same basic design as the OEM tubes, but they fit more snugly which I believe improves the quality of the hits, they have 4 holes in the bowl instead of 2 which I believe makes it a lot easier to hit, and the glass appears to be about the same strength as the OEM tubes, which lasted about 2 drops on hard surfaces each. But at $18 for 2 tubes, free shipping and only 3 days wait time, it's already a better deal than the $15 PER tube I've found on the web. Definitely a must buy if you're in need of some replacement glass like me.

Arizer Solo Glass Tubes

The "Arizer Solo Glass Aroma Tube" is a fantastic product for use with the Arizer solo vaporizer. The bowl of the tube is a little small and the holes in it occasionally let more finely ground herb through the mouth piece, however grinding your material less is an easy solution to this problem. The glass is fairly thick and does not seem easily breakable! All in all it is a very good product!

Arizer Solo Glass Tube

I wish the tube came with a screen, tiny pieces of plant material get up into the tube and make it look disgusting. Also. it could hold more because it's slightly difficult to repack when it's hot. One of mine got broken when someone dropped the whole unit onto a car trunk lid.:( but it IS pretty tough glass.


All products associated with the Solo are above expectations. The unit and it's glass have skied, mountain riding on dirt bikes, water sports. This thing is a Vapor Gnome and that's the nickname.

Lake I.
Awesome 4 Holes For Easier Draw

These glass tubes are awesome. I absolutely agree with the other reviewers that buying extras is a must. I like having a clean tube for friends too. These tubes have 4 holes and that makes the draw much nicer. I make awesome screens that fit perfectly simply by placing a screen over the flat end of a sharpie pen and bending the screen over its end . The result is a little cup shaped screen that fits perfectly into these tubes and it stays in place. I have installed the more powerful batteries that I found through and now my arizer lasts much much longer between charges. I love the other reviewers idea of calling this vape a Vapor Gnome because it does travel well. I don't recommend the straight tubes because they tend to roll off tables and fall and break. I only buy curved tubes because of that and I also enjoy using them more.

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