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Smoke in Style with the Heavy Boi 9mm Beaker Set!

AFM The Heavy Boi 9mm Beaker Set - 12" This set is perfect for anyone looking to get into smoking with style. The 9mm thick glass is durable and resistant to heat, and the 3 ice pinches make it easy to keep your smoke cool. The slide joint makes it easy to attach a pipe or rig, and the 14mm female joint is compatible with most other pipes and rigs. The 12" height to the top of the mouthpiece makes it easy to use, and the 6" beaker base diameter ensures a large smokey hit. The colors may vary, but that just makes each set unique. The actual measurements may vary, so make sure to check the measurements before buying. Order now and get free shipping!

Glass Thickness




Ice Pinches


Joint Size

14mm Female

Slide Joint

Customer Reviews

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Noah B.

Solid and chunky beaker. Very smooth hits and easy to clean. The ash catcher is thick as well. Excellent daily driver. Takes a lot of ice too which is a plus!

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