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Upgrade your dabbing experience with AFM Round Bottom 3mm X 25mm!

Introducing the AFM Round Bottom 3mm X 25mm! This 100% pure quartz banger is perfect for those looking to upgrade their dabbing experience. With a beveled edge and round bottom, this banger has a polished joint that is sure to keep your concentrates firmly in place. The 3mm thickness and 25mm bucket make this banger ideal for those looking for a larger surface area to heat up and enjoy. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the AFM Round Bottom 3mm X 25mm is a great addition to your collection. So don't wait any longer, add this banger to your cart today!

  • 3mm Thick
  • Beveled edge‚ round bottom
  • 100% Pure Quartz
  • 25MM Bucket
  • Domeless Nail
  • Polished Joint
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • Male / Female
  • AFM‚ logo sandblasted on the side of the banger

Beveled Edge

Bucket Size


Domeless Nail

Joint Type






Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Basil M.

This nail is the best nail I’ve gotten to use. I used to have an afm bell bottom banger and i thought that was great but this one takes the cake. It takes a lot less effort and q-tips to clean than any other nail I’ve seen too. I was worried at first that it wouldn’t be easy to get terp pearls to spin in it but trust me they will spin. Whoever made the first round bottom nail deserves a medal. Probably wont go back to a normal nail type after this.

Michael S.

Great Products, craftsmanship is sumptuous. What I could only describe as M.E.T.A(Most Efficient Tactic Available) smoking

David C.

Perfectly awesome for cold-starts!

Elisabeth S.

I'm gonna dab my ass off with this amazing setup, on Tuesday, Nov.3rd. The day trump gets his fucked up racist ass handed to him.

Jose G.

I’ve always had flat bottom
Bangers, and it was a hassle just to keep it clean with just cotton swabs, you needed rubbing alcohol to get the edges on the flat bottom, but with this round bottom, I just need 2 q-tips (no rubbing alcohol) and it’s clean! And I feel like my sauces don’t go to waste it stays in one puddle I recommend AFM products.

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