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Smoke Bigger, Last Longer with the 16mm GRAV Octotaster

16mm GRAV Octotaster - Clear | A classic, large taster made on three inches of 16mm tubing, with a glass screen. Don't call this one a one hitter! The 16mm GRAV Octotaster is a classic, large taster made on three inches of 16mm tubing, with a glass screen. It's perfect for those who want a larger, more durable taster that can withstand some serious abuse. The Octotaster comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. And with its large size, you'll never have to worry about running out of smoke again.

16mm Glass Tubing




Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
David S
Perfect “on the go” piece

The 16 mm octotaster with the silicone mouthpiece and lid is the perfect pipe when you’re on the go. At the golf course, fishing, hiking, or just chillin’ at the crib. And the size is just right for a serious solo sesh, or for a token’ tea party for two.

Frank W
Clear Perfection.


Joseph A
Great 👍

Real good

Ken C
Great glass

You will never go wrong with grav glass!

Robert M
The glass screen is great.

The title says it all, the built in glass screen this piece has keeps the material in place. Thick, heavy duty glass as always with Grav. I bought a 12mm and a 16mm. The 12mm is a size typical of glass batties, but made with Grav glass. This piece is more of a chillum. It hits great and no ashes get through to the screen.

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