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Smooth Hits Every Time with GRAV® Octo-taster!

Looking for a new way to enjoy your herb? Try the 16mm GRAV® Octo-taster with Silicone Skin! This taster is made with high-quality materials and is designed to make your smoking experience easy and convenient. The silicone skin makes the taster shock-absorbent and protects it from breaking when you throw it across the room in frustration. The cap on the end of the taster keeps your herb in place, so you can enjoy a smooth hit every time. The entire silicone skin comes off for easy cleaning, and you can just peel back the GRAV® end cap during use. Plus, the taster has a glass screen for an extra layer of filtration. So why wait? Order your 16mm GRAV® Octo-taster with Silicone Skin today!



Customer Reviews

Based on 305 reviews
Christopher M
Best small concealable glass

I truly love love love this product the silicone holder has saved my price on multiple occasions the strong glass holds up to my strongest torch and the built in screen is a game changer I’ve had many prices in my 420 life but this small glass taster will forever be in my stash box thank you Grav for helping me get through my work days with a smile.

Jerry l
Great smoke

I’ve had many pipes over the years, but this one is the best so far. Easy to clean and a really good smoke. I’m about to order two more. 5 stars

Ed M
Solid Product, Great Service

Easy to use, easy to clean. I'm going to get a smaller size for those days that I want to pace myself.

Jeff B
Awesome product

I use with my Tinymight and love it!

Well Made!

Honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had products cost more and last only weeks. The first thing that caught me off guard was the fact that the employee selling this to me was confident enough to throw it all the way across the store. it survived without a single scratch. then, i knew i had to have it. the mouthpiece is a great move, the perfect ash catcher for me. it’s light, discreet, durab... Read more

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