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In 2011, we began developing the world's first non-stick herb grinder. SLX is the only company to ever be granted a patent for non-stick grinders. We weren't just the first - we continue to be the best. Each piece of your SLX non-stick herb grinder is machined to the thousandth of an inch - providing the perfection you deserve and demand. The result? No more fumbling to connect stages. No imperfections that catch and slow you down. Just smooth threads and easy turning. 

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Questions about SLX

What makes SLX grinders unique?

SLX grinders are unique because they are the world's first non-stick herb grinders. They are the only company to ever be granted a patent for non-stick grinders. Each piece is machined to the thousandth of an inch for perfection and smooth operation.

Why should I choose an SLX grinder?

Choosing an SLX grinder means you're opting for a high-quality, precision-made product. The non-stick feature ensures easy use and cleaning, and the meticulous machining guarantees smooth threads and easy turning.

What does 'machined to the thousandth of an inch' mean?

'Machined to the thousandth of an inch' means that each piece of your SLX grinder is crafted with extreme precision. This ensures a perfect fit and smooth operation, eliminating any fumbling to connect stages.

Are SLX grinders easy to clean?

Yes, SLX grinders are easy to clean due to their non-stick feature. This prevents herbs from sticking to the grinder, making the cleaning process much simpler and more efficient.

How long has SLX been making grinders?

SLX began developing their unique non-stick herb grinders in 2011. They have been improving and perfecting their design ever since to ensure the best possible product for their customers.

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