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Kayd Mayd

A unique 3D printing bong company located in the Midwest of the United States, Kayd Mayd is a passionate team of people who produce unique 3D printed water pipes for tokers to be amazed.

Every piece has a unique color pattern guaranteed, and are virtually indestructible (compared to glass pipes).  Everything is produced right here in the USA - support an American business.

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Questions about Kayd Mayd

What is unique about Kayd Mayd products?

Kayd Mayd products are unique due to their manufacturing process - they are 3D printed, which is a rarity in the bong industry. This allows for intricate designs and a unique color pattern for each piece. Furthermore, these products are virtually indestructible compared to traditional glass pipes.

Where are Kayd Mayd products made?

All Kayd Mayd products are proudly made in the Midwest of the United States. When you purchase a Kayd Mayd product, you're supporting an American business.

Are Kayd Mayd products durable?

Yes, Kayd Mayd products are extremely durable. They are virtually indestructible when compared to traditional glass pipes, thanks to the robust 3D printing materials used in their production.

Will my Kayd Mayd product look exactly like the one in the picture?

While the design and quality will match, each Kayd Mayd product has a unique color pattern due to the 3D printing process. This means your product will be one-of-a-kind!

What kind of products does Kayd Mayd offer?

Kayd Mayd specializes in the production of unique 3D printed water pipes. These are perfect for tokers who appreciate a unique, durable, and American-made product.

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