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Dirt Bag

These hacky sack footbags come in three different styles - our original, sand-filled Dirtbag Footbags, the metal-filled footbags, and the pellet-filled footbag. All of these Dirtbag hacky sacks are hand-sewn and made to the highest quality professional standards.

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Questions about Dirt Bag

What are the different styles of Dirt Bag footbags available?

We offer three different styles of Dirt Bag footbags. The original is sand-filled, providing a classic hacky sack experience. We also have a metal-filled footbag for those who prefer a heavier, more grounded feel. Lastly, we offer a pellet-filled footbag for a unique, lighter experience.

Are the Dirt Bag footbags durable?

Yes, the Dirt Bag footbags are highly durable. They are hand-sewn and made to the highest quality professional standards. This ensures that they can withstand regular use without easily wearing out.

Can I choose the design of my Dirt Bag footbag?

Our Dirt Bag footbags come in various designs. However, the design you receive is random as they are assorted. This adds an element of surprise to your purchase!

Are these footbags suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Dirt Bag footbags are suitable for both beginners and professionals. They are designed to provide a balanced and controlled play, making them great for learning and mastering the game.

What is the weight of the metal-filled footbag?

The weight of the metal-filled footbag varies slightly due to the hand-sewn nature of the product. However, it is significantly heavier than the sand and pellet-filled footbags, providing a more grounded feel.

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