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Here at aLeaf® we’re always reminding folks to Keep It Lit! And yet… almost no one knows the origin behind our team motto. Or even just how seriously we take it.

Our roots run deep in Los Angeles, California. We grew into the aLeaf you know today by helping our City of Angels Keep It Lit through thick and thin. These 3 words represent the core of how we operate as a team. More than a catchphrase, Keep It Lit is a nod to our optimistic philosophy of taking life as it comes while keeping our attitudes bright and our hearts full. 

Stay lifted. Stay Lit.

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Questions about ALeaf

What does the motto 'Keep It Lit' mean?

'Keep It Lit' is more than just a catchphrase for us at aLeaf®. It's a representation of our optimistic philosophy. We believe in taking life as it comes, keeping our attitudes bright and our hearts full. It's a nod to staying lifted and positive, no matter what.

Where is aLeaf® based?

aLeaf® has its roots in Los Angeles, California. We've grown into the brand you know today by helping our City of Angels 'Keep It Lit' through thick and thin.

What type of products does aLeaf® offer?

aLeaf® offers a wide range of cannabis accessories. Our collection includes everything you need to enhance your cannabis experience, from grinders and rolling papers to high-quality glass pieces.

How does aLeaf® contribute to the cannabis community?

aLeaf® is committed to supporting the cannabis community. We do this by providing high-quality accessories and promoting a positive and optimistic philosophy through our motto 'Keep It Lit'.

Is aLeaf® a reputable brand?

Yes, aLeaf® is a reputable brand in the cannabis accessory industry. We've built our reputation by consistently providing high-quality products and promoting a positive and uplifting philosophy.

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