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Metal 4-Piece Grinder

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#GrindOnTheGo: Metal 4-Piece Grinder! 🤩

  • Grind & shred buds w/ sharp teeth
  • Unbreakable & easy to use
  • Includes pollen scraper & sifting screen
  • Durable design & highest quality materials
  • Portable & fits in any bag or purse 🎒
  • Includes cloth carrying case 🧥
  • Get yours today & never worry again! 🤗

Grind on-the-go with the unbreakable Metal 4-Piece Grinder!

Introducing the perfect solution for grinding on-the-go! This 3 inch Metal 4-Piece Grinder is small, discreet, and durable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. It features a series of sharp metal teeth that quickly and evenly break up, shred, and grind your buds to the desired consistency for easy rolling.

This grinder also includes a metal screen to sift pollen from your weed and a handy little tool for collecting pollen from the compartment, so you don't miss a single speck. It's the perfect size for travel and can easily fit into any type of bag or purse - plus, it's unbreakable and super easy to use.

If you're looking for a reliable, consistent grinder that you can take with you wherever you go, then this Metal 4-Piece Grinder is the perfect choice. Get yours today and never worry about unevenly ground buds again! 🤩

3 Inches




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