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Smooth hits with style: GRAV Small Upright Bubbler

Introducing the GRAV Small Upright Bubbler - the perfect addition to your smoking setup! This sleek and stylish Bubbler is made on 32mm tubing with black accents and comes with a fission downstem that diffuses smoke through water for a smooth and enjoyable hit. The angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard to keep your mouth and face safe from unwanted splashes, and the lip wrap is tooled for comfort. Plus, there's no need for any additional accessories - this Bubbler works best with approximately 1.5" of water. So whether you're looking for a new way to enjoy your smoke or just want a stylish addition to your collection, the GRAV Small Upright Bubbler is the perfect choice!

Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nicole N
Amazing piece

Thick glass, bowl isn't too large, and a much smoother hit. The base is level so there are less chances of knocking over.

Andrew P
Love this bubbler it's...

Love this bubbler it's just like a bowl it's the perfect size and hits amazing

Robert M
Great little Bubbler

Love my little upright bubbler!!! Well made, looks nice and give me a smooth hit.

Myra h
Love it

Hits hard, easy to clean

Love the peace

Love the peace it rips wish I knew about u guys sooner

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