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Smooth hits with art deco style

The Deco Beaker from GRAV is a beautiful example of form and function combining equally. This borosilicate and silicone beaker bong has swoopy curves and straight lines that evoke a vintage art deco style. The mouthpiece is easy to grip at the center, and the gentle outward curve to the bong's base makes it wider than traditional beakers.

The Deco Beaker protects itself with custom-fitted silicone covers for the base and mouthpiece. One of the best parts of this designer bong is maintaining its classic beaker functionality while adding dense silicone to cushion standard breakpoints. Other silicone-protected bongs change the bong shape, and that changes the hit.

The other silicone bong parts are the removable downstem joint, modular downstem filter, and cleaning caps. The tip of the downstem can be removed for cleaning or replacement. These adjustable silicone parts allow for easy disassembly and cleaning of the Deco Beaker. Finally, an affordable, easy-to-clean, damage-resistant bong that smokes like a dream.



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Customer Reviews

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Jerry E
Easy to clean

Very nice bong. Easy to clean, can just hand wash it inside and out.

Earl K
Style & quality

The style gives a great smooth smoke. It's made of the glass is
thicker & heavier than the old bongs of the 1970's. The silicone base keeps it from banging on the table or granite counter top. It comes with a cap to hold the smoke in the pipe. It also keepsd the fridge from smelling like a water pipe.

Arthur B
perfect size and comes apart for cleaning

Of all the water pipes bongs and bubblers I've owned through the years this is my absolute #1.

Leigh Anne B
Happy customer

I ordered this on Valentine’s day. Received it on the 16th. My first bong ever and I am loving it. I have arthritis in my face, jaw and rib cage. Cannot take any real pain medication. This delivered a fast and smooth delivery of my medicine!!! I like the clean feel it gives……Also, easy to use and clean

Richard P
We love it! Perfect...

We love it! Perfect size easy to clean

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