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Empire Glassworks - Enchanted Hook Dabber

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  • American Made Glass 🇺🇸
  • Glow in the Dark 💡
  • Hook Theme 🎣
  • 4.75'' Inches Long 📏
  • Dabber 💨

This dope glow in the dark hook features a mesmerizing blue glow! Made by Empire Glassworks, this is the perfect accessory for any dabber! Measures 4.75'' inches long and made in California.

  • American Made Glass
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Hook Theme
  • 4.75'' Inches Long
  • Dabber

American Made Glass




Glow in the Dark


Hook Theme




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dan S.
Cool design but a bit impractical

Very cool looking design that will stand out in your dab tool collection. I believe it would work well in a flat bottomed banger. However, due to the design of this tool, it does not really reach the bottom of my domed bottom banger. This makes it pretty impractical to use in that instance.

I'm still keeping it though because it looks cool, and maybe I'll use it with a different banger down the road.

Marisa R.
my favorite thing! love the

my favorite thing! love the glow and the rope it’s so realistic looking, it’s just kind of an awkward shape at the end so it’s kinda hard to scrape a dab off the tip especially into a smaller nail but still so pretty and a must have to your edition! be careful it could break easy very delicate glass

David H.
Makes a sick pendie

I know I know it's a dabber but come on tell me that wouldn't look sick hanging off a hemp necklace!?!?! Empire killed it as per usual, mad respect family!!!! God n God bless!!!!

Brian S.
Great dabber

Very sturdy glass and love the blue glow

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