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DynaVap DynaKit

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$ 10.00
$ 6.00 - $ 10.00
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  • DynaKit Maintenance: 5 Pipe Cleaners, 3 O-Rings, 5 High-Temp O-Rings
  • DynaKit Basic: 3 Condenser O-Rings, 3 High-Temp O-Rings, 3 Stainless Steel CCD
  • Fat Mouthpiece, DynaWax, 5 Pipe Cleaners, 2 Storage Tubes
  • For All DynaVap Devices
  • Fulfilled by Crowdship
  • Vaporizer Accessory
style: Basic

Maximize your DynaVap experience with the DynaKit!

The team at DynaVap wants to make sure you always get the maximum enjoyment from your DynaVap device. That’s why the brand offers two DynaKits to keep you and your device happy. 

The DynaKit Maintenance allows you to maintain the good looks and performance of your DynaVap device. This kit is designed to keep your device clean and pristine. 

The Maintenance kit contains:

5 Pipe Cleaners 
3 O-Rings 
5 High-Temp O-Rings 
5 Pipe Cleaners

When you want the security of spare parts in your time of need, the DynaKit Basic is ideal to have on hand. The Basic Kit has all the replacement parts used with most DynaVap devices. This kit contains both types of o-rings in case you lose or break any on your device's condenser and/or tip.

The Basic Kit also includes 3 extra screens and a fat mouthpiece that can serve as a 14mm water tool adapter. The included pipe cleaners are perfect for cleaning out buildup and the DynaWax in the kit helps lubricate the o-rings for assembly. You also get 2 classic storage tubes in the Basic Kit.

Basic Kit Includes: 

3 Condenser O-Rings 
3 High-Temp O-Rings 
3 Stainless Steel CCD
Fat Mouthpiece 
5 Cotton Pipe Cleaners 
2 Complimentary Storage Tubes

Basic Kit

Replacement Parts


Stainless Steel


Lubricates O-Rings

Maintenance Kit

Cleans & Pristine


Fat 14mm Adapter

Storage Tubes

2 Complimentary

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