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Glass Adapters for Bongs

Glass-on-Glass Adapters serve a wide range of purposes and enable smokers to customize their favorite pipes as they please. Want a glass stopper for proper cleaning of your bong? DankGeek’s collection of Glass-on-Glass Adapters is where you’ll want to look. Interested in scooping a J-hook and constructing your own portable water pipe? We’ve got the glass adapter to get your going. Searching for a cooler smoking experience?

Our glass filters and adapters will help remove carcinogens and toxins from your smoke. Our collection of Glass-on-Glass Adapters is filled with nothing but well-priced, high-quality options for those who want the best of the best.

Customize Your Bong Glass-on-Glass Adapters for personalizing your favorite pipes.
Glass Filters Remove toxins and carcinogens for a cooler smoking experience.
High Quality Well-priced options for the best of the best.

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