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Dreamy hits with Diamond Glass' Rigception Incycler

This diamond glass dab rig is perfect if you're looking for a versatile, eye catching piece. A curved fixed downstem passes through the very core of this rig's main chamber, guiding smoke into a showerhead puck style perc, for a cool, diffused hit, that is the stuff dreams are made from. This piece comes with a 4mm thick quartz flat top banger for concentrates, as well as a funnel bowl for dry herbs. Choose your color option!

  • American made glass
  • 3.5mm thick glass
  • clear or blue color options
  • unique incycler design
  • 6.5 inch height
  • 3 inch base
  • 14mm male banger for concentrates
  • 14mm male bowl for dry herb
  • 14mm female joint

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thank God for Diamond Glass

I normally don't do reviews but this is the second order I've received from Diamond Glass, both times each arrived quicker than most online stores. So thank you Diamond Glass for your awesome support. Another thing to note, not only did I get a banger and a slide with purchase, I also received a silicone dab dish and some hempwick. Many thanks fam. Now on to the piece, beautifully designed and smooth. I've smoked flower and concentrates from the piece, both were good sessions but I feel like I'll use it mainly for dabs. Diamond Glass and Diamond Glass is a match made in heaven.

very high quality piece

This glass is incredible....i almost didnt want to dab out of it its so pretty but it hits amazing.

Very nice

So far, I'm very happy. It's on the smaller side, but I don't mind that. I was afraid it'd be smaller. Feels nice and sturdy, I'm glad I got it.

Terez H.
Small With A Large Impact

This piece is by Diamond Glass so that in and of itself should speak enough about the quality of this piece. But if it doesn't I will say that this piece is small enough to truly be a portable piece but it is also designed well enough that using it as if you would a larger piece given it's design and function won't be too much of a problem either. You can use this piece with flower/herbs but it truly shines in the concentrate department. Plus this is an incycler in the form of a ball rig so the filtration on this piece is very chug like despite it's size. To top it all off, you get all of this for less than $200. I can't complain. This might actually become a daily driver for me. So definitely try this out if you can.

Corbin C.
Bong cracked

I recieved the bong with a small crack by the 14mm insertion point and a big black spot close to mouth peice. The quartz banger wax extreemly cracked.

Hi, we replace items that has been broken during shipping. If the item has not been used yet, please send us a picture of it. Thank you

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