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Volcano Vaporizer Valve Starter Sets

Original price $ 69.99 - Original price $ 69.99
Original price
$ 69.99
$ 69.99 - $ 69.99
Current price $ 69.99
  • Compatible with Volcano vaporizers
  • Securely holds herbal blends/concentrates
  • See-through balloons
  • Solid Valve: customize balloon size
  • Easy Valve: pre-assembled mouthpieces
  • Replacement parts available
style: Easy

Vaporize your way with Volcano Sets!

These Volcano Easy Valve and Solid Valve Starter Sets by Storz & Bickel  are fully compatible with both the Digit and Classic versions of the Volcano vaporizer. Just pick which set you prefer! Both of these sets attach securely to your Volcano vaporizer and are designed to securely chamber your herbal blends or concentrated materials for your vaping enjoyment. 

The see-through balloons make it easy for you to watch the clouds of vapor build up inside. It's a cinch to change the balloons when you need to. 

Solid Valve

If you choose the Solid Valve Set, you can customize your balloon size by simply cutting the material to the length you want and attach. When you've used up all the balloons, get a new 10-foot roll of Solid Valve Balloon Material and you'll be good to go. 

Easy Valve 

Like the name suggests, the Easy Valve Set is easier to use. It has fewer pieces and each balloon comes with a pre-assembled mouthpiece that's easy to replace. When you've used all the balloons in this set, get an Easy Valve Replacement Set with 6 new Easy Valve balloons. 

Choose between the Solid Valve Set and the Easy Valve Set below and order today.

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