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Cathy S.
Great, love it.

Does lose a little shine, work on that. Otherwise love it.

Michelle Bourgeois

I didn't get to use them with the style of vaporizer I have.

Volcano Bags

This is a 10ft (slightly less than 10ft actually) bag that you can transform into multiple bags or one large bag or a large and some small ones... The material is the same as you get in the starter sets.
IMO, this material is far better than what you get out of turkey bags. Turkey bags have a funny taste to me, volcano bags have no taste at all.
I normally cut 1x3ft bag and 3x2ft bags out of each roll and I use them to replace my easy valve bags (yes, you can replace them. Basically cut your old bag in half and then pull on a corner, it'll pop out. Then put the clear plastic ring inside of the end of one end of the bag, put the rubber o-ring around the bag/plastic piece then push that back into the mouth piece holder making sure the valve disc is in there. i use two quick clamps to make pushing it all back together part easier.)
For the best taste, use Volcano bags, don't use turkey bags.

volcano baloon bags

I received the volcano balloon bags right on time. The bags come with instructions, but if you go to youtube people will walk you though the cleaning and reassembling process. We lost our blue ring and clamp but a zip tie works just fine. Love dankgeek!

Good product

we were surprised works like a champ!

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