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Experience 500 fills of vapor with the Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Replacement Set!

Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Replacement Set

Keep your Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer in top condition with this Easy Valve Replacement Set. This set includes 6 replacement balloons, each lasting anywhere from 1 to 2.5 months or around 500 fills of vapor, depending on your vaping habits. The balloons in this set come with the Easy Valve parts pre-attached, making it easy to replace and get back to vaping.

Designed specifically for the Volcano Vaporizer, this replacement set is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that you get the most out of your vaping experience. The balloons expand to 1.33 feet and are heat-proof, odor-free, and food-safe. All parts of this set are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and are authentic replacement parts, so you can trust that they will work seamlessly with your Volcano Vaporizer.

Whether you're using the Volcano Classic or Volcano Digit, this replacement set is the perfect choice to keep your vaporizer working at its best. With this set, you get everything you need to continue enjoying your awesome Volcano without interruption. Don't wait until your balloons wear out, get your replacement set today and keep on vaping!

Tags: Authentic Replacement Part, Balloons Included, Food Safe Balloons, Heat Proof, Highest Quality Materials, Includes Easy Valve Parts, Includes Mouthpieces, Odor-free, OEM Part, Replacement Part

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
replacement bag

thank you . they work perfectly

Volcano easy valve bags

Good sized bags and disposable. Do not bend bag around the neck area as this will cause the bag to leak over time. The price can be an issue if you end up buying 2-3 Volcano easy valve replacement sets annually, $120-$180 USD.

AKA, the Hindenburg

The bags are costly, but since one tends to use much less herb with the Volcano, it is worth it. Also, I believe vaping may be a more healthy option.

Reduce the price

I'm all good with the product except the cost. The bags get dirty inside with heavy use. I have to use new bag each week. The cost really mounts up.

to bag or not to bag

It doesn't get and better than this. No hassle with tubes and wasted vapor like other vaporizers. Smooth tasting, easy to store after use and long lasting.

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