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Mighty Cooling Unit

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Mighty Cooling Unit
size: 1pk

Customer Reviews

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Good to have an extra

Its good to have at least two of these if you use the Mighty as much as I do, that way one is always clean.


The Storz and Bickel Mighty portable vaporizer is without a doubt the best portable vaporizer on the market-period...
It's always good to have a spare cooling unit to use while your cleaning the other one.

Pain r.
Great product!!

I agree with others- buy the 3 pack of these. Your first one will get clogged with resin. You can try cleaning with isopropyl alcohol but it's easier to just clean after 3 uses- ESPECIALLY if you are using herb. Just buy extra of everything so you are not down waiting for a part to come in.

Michael G.
Luv my Mighty

I intuited shortly after purchase that an extra cooling piece would definitely be an asset. It allows so much more versatility and cleaning ease as well as allowing one to deal with pesky screens when convenient.

Good stuff-get extras

I'm a Mighty happy-or is that happy Mighty-user. The cooling units do the job-and multiples are good! Indeed, the serious user might try my system-use them in pairs, having backups. Alternate units between reloads-they stay cooler, which seems to help keep the body cooler-got to believe this is a plus for longetevity of service. When the pair get dirty (twice as long as 1 unit used alone) replace with another pair and clean the nasty ones when convenient. Use the capsule system and everything gets MUCH better. After using smaller, pen-type vapes, I believe the goo ad debris produced with use to cause much of the physical deterioration of the units. The capsules contain so much of the mess (not to say you won't have to clean stuff-it just minimizes the crud effect). If you can afford the Mighty, it's safe you can get an extra cooling unit. Tip: the Wear-And-Tear accessory kit contains, among a number of useful extras-screens, liguid pads, O-rings, pick tools, cleaning brush, and an extra cooling unit.

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