Killa Glass - Gridded Tongue to Barrel Perc 12''

This large dab rig by Killa Glass uses two percs for maximum diffusion. The gridded tongue perc gets the party started at the bottom chamber. Watch your vapor or smoke fill and rise up the fat chamber. Inside the second chamber is the Barrel Perc that will give your vapor or smoke a silky smooth finish. Stands 12'' inches tall with purple slyme accents around the base and mouthpiece. Made by Killa Glass using the highest quality scientific glass.

  • American Made Glass
  • Gridded Tongue Perc
  • Barrel Perc
  • 12'' Inches Tall
  • High Grade Glass
  • 9mm Thick Base
  • Purple Slyme Accents

Collections: Killa Glass

Type: Dab Rig

Brand: Killa Glass

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