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Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit with Potency Booster

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Delicious & Hassle-Free Cannabis Brownies 🍫😋

  • Delicious & Hassle-Free Cannabis Brownies 🍫😋
  • 16.9oz brownie mix
  • Includes potency booster & straining cloth
  • Just add herb, water, and eggs
  • Easy to make in just 1 hour
  • Makes 18 servings
  • Contains milk & wheat. May contain soy.
  • Herb not included 🚫

Say goodbye to hassle with Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit!

Looking for a delicious and hassle-free way to make cannabis brownies? Look no further than the Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit! This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to make 18 servings of mouth-watering pot brownies in just one hour.

The kit comes with a 16.9-ounce brownie mix made with imported Swiss chocolate that won't overpower the flavor of your dry herbs. Plus, the brownie mix is sweet and moist, so you know it's gonna be yummy.

The kit also includes a revolutionary Potency Booster, which serves as a replacement for butter. This formula contains a unique makeup of varied length triglycerides that bind to cannabinoids more efficiently than traditional butter. The Potency Booster works in under 20 minutes to absorb more of the medicinal properties of your herbs, making your brownies even more potent.

All you need to do is add water, eggs, your herbs, and the Potency Booster to the brownie mix. Then, just sit back and relax while your brownies bake. Within an hour, you'll be enjoying your infused brownies and feeling the effects of the potency booster. Herb not included.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit today and say goodbye to the hassle of making cannabis brownies. 🍫😋




9 x 5.8 x 3.5

Ease of Use

Just 1 Hour


Potency Booster



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