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Be the envy of your friends with GRAV Stax Honeycomb Perc!

Introducing the GRAV Stax Honeycomb Perc! This beautiful piece is sure to make your friends green with envy. With a 7" tall disc base made on 44mm tubing, the honeycomb disc forces water and smoke through tight restrictions, removing tar and debris. The disc base comes with a 14mm STAX Funnel Bowl and can accommodate any STAX percolator or mouthpiece. This base works best with approximately 2" of water. So why wait? Order your GRAV Stax Honeycomb Perc today!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rhodel M.
Stax, honeycomb base

Beautifully made, but the function isn't to great, it feels like there isn't enough drag and feels like a dry hit, I've tried to increase the water levels but it causes spit back. You have to hit it a specific way for it to pull smoothly.

Josh Chandler
Love it!!!

I currently have the beaker base and Turbine base and I decided I would add another base so I got this one! I am not dissatisfied in one bit have tested it a few times now just with the 45 angled mouthpiece and boy the thing bubbles like a beast!!!!

Chris R
Great base if you add a perc

I’ve seen some reviews about it drawing easy, it does, but I am a Clean freak, so I run a Mav Honeycomb ash catcher and the circle perc ext and triple pinch mouthpiece and it hits so smooth and the drag you expect from a medium beaker. There’s some experimenting but well worth it. Ive had the turbine base, beaker and this disc, I’ve so,d the turbine, it’s great, but my daily volume was too much fo... Read more

Eric B
Honeycomb Base

Perfect for dabs and works well with bud too. Pair this base with anyone of the percs and mouth peices and your set. I get great air flow on the peice as well.

James C
GRAV Nirvana

I think I’ve found my new best friend. Latest addition as the showerhead STAX base was such a heavy hitter. Paired with an angled mouthpiece and an Octobowl, effortless pulls are washed in hundreds of bubbles. For an added treat drop a few ice cubes in the top. Christmas was merry, and the New Year happy. Great products paired with top customer service.

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