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GRAV Stax Glycerin Coil

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Introducing the GRAV Stax Glycerin Coil! This incredible coil is made on 65mm tubing and filled with dyed glycerin that can reach sub-zero temperatures without freezing. The glycerin is sealed off from the interior of the coil and kept from leaking by a fixed screw cap. Smoke travels up the perc's central stem before descending through the coil. The prolonged exposure to glycerin cools the smoke substantially. The glycerin perc can accommodate any STAX base, mouthpiece, or perc. So why wait? Get your hands on a GRAV Stax Glycerin Coil today!

Glycerin VS: Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Justin C.
Cold hits

Hard to go back to an ash catcher

Jake A.
Glycerin coil

This thing is sick yea to some it may be a pain to put in the freezer but do you really hit your bong everysecond of everyday no you don't my friend makes a nice smooth hit especially with dabs ! 5 stars from me

Shawn T.
It nice

Look it is a great attachment but if it not cold it will pull like a damn semi truck but definitely worth if you want for dabs

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