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GRAV Stax Coil Perc

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$ 79.99
$ 79.99 - $ 79.99
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  • 7" tall made on 65mm tubing
  • Smoke travels up central stem
  • Cooled by water & bubbled up
  • Thin space between coil & perc
  • Adaptable to any STAX base/piece
  • Unforgettable smoking experience

Experience the Ultimate in Smoking Enjoyment with GRAV Stax Coil Perc

Introducing the GRAV Stax Coil Perc! This incredible rig is perfect for those who want to experience the ultimate in smoking enjoyment. The STAX® Coil Perc is 7" tall and made on 65mm tubing, so it offers plenty of room for you to load up your favourite herbs. The smoke travels up the central stem before descending through the coil, where it is cooled by the water and then bubbled up by the powerful diffusion. The prolonged exposure to water also helps to keep your smoke nice and smooth. The thin space between the edges of the coil and the interior of the perc creates a powerful bubbling effect, so you can enjoy huge, thick clouds of smoke. The coil perc can also be easily adapted to any STAX® base, mouthpiece, or perc, so you can experiment with different setups to find the perfect one for you. This incredible rig is sure to give you an unforgettable smoking experience, so don't wait any longer, get your hands on a GRAV Stax Coil Perc today!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Big piece of engineering and art.

I really enjoy it, Its a big percolator, bigger than other STAXs, high quality of glass, it cleans your hit, i highly recommend it, looking at it is awesome!

Jay R.
I love stax in general.

I love stax in general. The coil perc is a wonderful addition to my stax piece.

Kyle C.
Coil is a must have.

These new coil pieces are phenomenal. It is a little larger than some other parts of the STAX line but that only enhances the look once it is conected. The smoke builds at lovely intervals between the coils as it rises. Definitely worth it .

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