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Elevate your smoking experience with the GRAV Orbis Coppa!

Looking for a water pipe that is as stylish as it is functional? Look no further than the GRAV Orbis Coppa! This sleek and slender vase is built to hold the most divine substances, and is perfect for those who want something a little bit different. The Orbis Coppa works with the GRAV 14mm 90° Male Banger, so you can rest assured that it will provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, the Orbis Coppa is the perfect addition to your collection. So why not add it to your arsenal today?


Female Joint




Joint Angle

Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael H

Extraordinarily well-designed piece! Love the black "figures" — little totems but also totally functional. The pieces look ancient and modern at the same time. Perfect size for dabbing (no need for giant tubes). Some users (including this one) will come to the "banger hanger" AFTER they've tried electronic. Orbis stands up to that experience and adds more tactility and memory.

Abid A
Little Concerned about quality

Hi, I've had this piece for about 2 months now and it just shattered the other day. I dropped one of my carb caps and probably my lightest one on top of where the banger sits and it completely shattered where the banger sits and the banger that came with it. I'm quite disappointed that a carb cap so light was able to destroy a rig I bought for almost $300 Canadian.

Other than that it was proba... Read more

Jacob S
Going from upline to this

Upline is amazing at flower, and its great at concentrate, but I finally wanted a dab rig from these guys after learning about orbis.
Went with coppa due to the shape and having it in hand, indeed it is firm when sat down. much smaller then expected at first.
But how does it work? Wow, won't be going back to any regular piece I've used for flower. Very smooth and amazing with my Clout banger. ... Read more

Bought the Best!

My Orbis Coppa is the best piece that exists in the market period, It's a sleak-sexy box with something that can last a life-time in it... For overall quality of product and quality of flavor deliverability, this is my go to.

susan s

Really delivers a wonderful smooth hit. Brings out all the flavor of the product.

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