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GRAV Large Spoon

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The GRAV Large Spoon is the perfect hand pipe for those days when you need a little more than a teaspoon of cannabis. With an even bigger bowl capacity and a rounder spoon head, this pipe is perfect for passing around the room. The GRAV Large Spoon also has a narrower neck, making it easier to get a grip on this hefty hand pipe. When smokers need a break, a larger flat base beneath the spoon keeps the pipe more stable on the table. At an oversized 6” long, the GRAV Large Spoon is also quite the conversation starter.

Color: Lake Green

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Bryan B
Huge awesome pipe!

I love this thing!!!
Large spoon is such an understatement! This thing is HUGE! It's like the 4" spoon on steroids.
It is nice, hefty, solid piece. Huge bowl. And being massive, it does seem to cool the smoke and so the big hits it delivers don't rip your lungs apart.
It also has the added plus of an ashcatcher mouthpeice... enough said there.
It is so big, that it is a little goofy... but that is part of why i love it. I smile and giggle a little bit every time I get it out.
If you are looking for an "on the go" type pipe, I would suggest the 4" sandblasted spoons. Ive got one of those and I use it for that. The sandblasted glass has a cool look, and has a little texture.
For me though, this big fella is going to be for home smoking. Its solid enough to travel, but its very large. Seriously large. And massively awesome!
You should just go ahead and get one... you'll be glad you did.

Jessie T
Big spoon is BIG!

When they say large spoon, they mean LARGE spoon! I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer size and girth of this thing! Really, its on me for not noticing the pictures and considering its only a few dollars more than the regular spoon, I expected less but was super happy with what I got! It is intimidating in a good way and had me coughing! Its extremely durable and im pretty sure I could take someone out if I threw it at them but that adds to the appeal! After getting past all the phallic jokes, this spoon became my everyday piece!

This quality is what keeps me coming back to Grav every time I need a new piece. Just simply amazing.

Christian B
My favorite piece

My favorite piece

Stanley B
An excellent choice for a pipe.

This is a slightly larger pipe than I'm used to, but it has a large bowl, and the design allows the smoke to gather in the chamber a cool a bit before inhaling, which smooths out the toke. It is also very attractive. As I have both this and the Sherlock Bubble Pipe as well, now the hardest part is choosing which one to use! Well worth the money.

Lacey B
Love this pipe

This spoon is great for parties

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