Grav Labs - STAX Orion Kit 18''

If you love both concentrates and dry herbs then this STAX kit is perfect for you! Featuring Grav's famous dual action inline perc base that can accommodate a dry herb bowl and a domeless nail for concentrates. Light up both sides at the same time and watch your smoke and vapor meld together in the middle and diffuse through the inline perc. The middle section features a circle perc to further diffuse and add an extra level of filtration. It's chamber allows you to draw up a generous amount of smoke for a very satisfying hit! The 45° mouthpiece will prevent splashback and keep water where it should be.

  • Dual Action Pipe
  • 14mm Male/Female Joint
  • Inline Perc
  • Circle Perc
  • 45° Mouthpiece
  • 18'' Inches tall

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