Grav Labs - STAX Capella Bong Kit 25''

This ginormous modular bong by Grav Labs is not for the faint of heart! Standing 25'' Inches tall, it features 3 STAX sections to diffuse and filter your for an amazing hit. The bottom features a 7'' straight tube with honeycomb disc percolator. Your diffused smoke will then rise into the middle section with the halo percolator before it reaches the final Helix mouthpiece section. The Helix venturi chamber in the mouth piece will then spin your smoke into a vortex for an incredible hit. If you want ultimate diffusion and taking huge rips, this kit is for you! Cleanup and maintenance is easy when each section is taken apart for cleaning.

  • STAX Honeycomb Base 7''
  • STAX Halo Perc 7''
  • STAX Helix Mouthpiece 11''
  • 25'' Inches Tall
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • 34mm joint clamp (2)
  • 14mm Joint with Funnel Bowl

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